Show Me Some ID, Kid!

Once (ok, 3 times, in college) I was kindly told that I was too young and angelic looking – or, eh, perhaps it was my homemade “ID”- to enter an establishment that served beverages that had cool names, nifty swizzle sticks, umbrellas, and always seemed to be the setting in act numero uno of the story of some girl in my sorority getting knocked up and having to marry a guy with whom the longest amount of time they had shared together was most likely a spring break trip to Cabo.

But just like a good Disney movie, I took something totally irrelevant away from it and turned it into a lesson: bars are cool because they garnish their drinks!!!!  Now I know there will be a few naysayers who will claim bars are cool because of the alcohol, but I choose not to hear you, future twelve steppers.

Here is one of my favorite garnishes for play date drinks… sprinkles!  I actually used the little dots because they stick better, but feel free to use whatever supplies you have on hand – cocoa powder, crystal sugar, crushed graham crackers, etc.  I always use honey to rim the glass because everything sticks better, but you can use anything sticky you want.

I think we all like it when people make us feel special even in the smallest ways, and I promise you this little treat makes an average cup of lemonade, milk, or sparkling soda feel coolio! I love it when the ones I think are the coolest feel special.

It’s Not You…Actually It Is You!

Dear All Major Fashion Labels:

I have decided to end my long-standing love affair with you and your more than adorable children’s lines of clothing, and I believe the picture above demonstrates the sad but very necessary reason for said termination of our relationship. It is one thing for a grown woman/mother who has put in her time either working her way up the food chain of her career or being the long-standing CEO of her household to treat herself to a little somethin’ spiffy once in awhile… but it is NOT OK for 3 year-olds. In all fairness, I am sure that this picture was either taken as a cute gag by a mother or by a French woman (and we all know French women are exempt from anything in the aforementioned paragraph…because…well they’re French and therefore get to dress their children in Chanel, drink wine whilst carrying a baby, and eat baguettes without gaining a pound).

But for the rest of my fellow Mamas who want to dress their little nuggets well and age/paint/juice spills- appropriate, here are a few little finds…

1-    Shop TARGET on the day when their new children’s designer clothes come out. Check their weekly ads for updates!

2-    The site: is an online only children’s denim site started by American Eagle and has no return fees!

3-   GAP KIDS has really stepped up their game these last few seasons and the prices are very reasonable considering how well they hold up!

4-    Consignment… you can’t beat it!! Use your local YELP to help you find the closest store to you!

5-    And last, but my personal favorite… NEXT DIRECT! It makes me look like I care that my kid looks presentable and preppy, without looking like a cross between the toddlers-and-tiaras-bedazzled-discount look and the little-miss-sassy-Chanel-toting-tot!

Mommy Monday!

It’s Monday or, as I like to call it, ‘MOMday’! Personally, I think all moms should get presents on Momday, and if I win the lottery it will be on the top of my list. Until then, I can only give one Mom a present on Momday!  Now, if you are saying ‘Hey, that looks like a kid’s toy, and this is supposed to presents for Mama’s‘ then you are clearly not a mother! Every mom knows that a gift for your child is a gift to you… and I don’t mean that in some Oprah, spiritual ‘seeing-the-joy-in-my-child’s-face-is-the-greatest-gift crap. Oh no, I mean it in that the greatest gift a mother can get sometimes is a break, and we all new toys are like break insurance. I keep some tucked away in the coat closet for emergencies… ‘Oh sweetie is that the 100th round of wheels on the bus you have sung! That is some kind of record! Let’s get you a new toy‘….before mommy’s head explodes!

Tell me the funniest thing you’ve done to get a 5 minute break from your little one(s) and be entered to win a great new Apprivity toy from Mattel and Fisher Price that interacts with your iPhone!  The Laugh and Learn will keep your little ones entertained and learning for days.

Winner will be announced next Momday!