Show Me Some ID, Kid!

Once, ok 3 times, in college I was kindly told that I was slightly too young and angelic looking – or, eh, perhaps it was my homemade “ID”- to enter an establishment that served the beverages that had cool names, nifty swizzle sticks, umbrellas, and always seemed to be the setting in act numero uno of the story of some girl in my sorority getting knocked up and having to marry a guy with whom the longest amount of time they had shared together was most likely a spring break trip to Cabo.

But just like a good Disney movie I took something totally irrelevant away from it and turned it into a lesson: bars are cool because they garnish their drinks!!!!  Now I know there will be a few naysayers who will say it is because of the alcohol but I choose not to hear you, future twelve steppers.

Here is one of my favorite garnishes for play date drinks that I did at my daughter’s birthday this year…sprinkles!  I actually used the little dots because they stick better but feel free to use whatever supplies you have on hand…cocoa powder, crystal sugar, crushed graham crackers.  I always use honey to rim the glass because everything sticks better but you can use anything sticky you want.

I think we all like it when people make us feel special even in the smallest ways…and I promise you this little treat makes an average cup of lemonade, milk, or sparkling soda feel coolio! I love it when the ones I think are the coolest feel special.

Toys Are A Scam

Dear Moms,

Toys are apparently a big scam. I would have loved to have gotten this information about 50 toys ago. Toddlers and even young kids all seem to want a job at Fed Ex because apparently the only thing they want to do is play with the boxes the toys come in. Well guess what guys? I am on to your little scam. You guys probably get some kick back from the toy company so I am not buying you toys any more! I am buying boxes. If thats what you wan boxes you shall have. Here is the first in a long line of creative box projects I have seen floating around and I think it will be lovely place for the little nugget and I to begin!



I am a big fan of making things which works out pretty well for me since that’s my J-O-B. Today I feel like I am revealin’ (apparently I am also a fan of making up words) my two newest babies…and one them is an actual baby! Whoop Whoop! The second is this website – it’s new! I made a person and website – what up 2015!


I get excited when I am revealin’ things I have made – these days that excitement is usually accompanied by a small amount of urine but I digress – I also get a little nervous because I so want everyone to like what have I made! As any mother who has ‘made’ one little monkey knows you are very, shall we say, interested to see how your first baby will respond to the idea of baby #2. I decided to jazz up that moment with a special gender reveal to accompany the reveal of the pregnancy to my first daughter…I hope you like the reveal of our new site as much as she enjoyed the reveal of her upcoming baby sister. ENJOY!


We wrote Rome a note about her unborn baby sibling.




We knew she wanted a baby sister more than anything!

We knew she wanted a baby sister more than anything!



And behind that closed door – was a room filled with pink balloons.


A baby sister for little Rome.

A baby sister for little Rome.


We have a feeling we have a good big sister on our hands.

We have a feeling we have a good big sister on our hands.