Seriously!? How did this happen? How has this not always existed? If I have a coupon for popsicles, is there a limit to the amount of popsicles I can buy due to this new discovery of dual popsicle use? How in the world did we drink bubbly alcohol without frozen sticks of high fructose corn syrup…uh…I mean, all natural frozen fruit?

I have a a lot of questions and I want to find the answers to them, but I don’t have time right now…because I have to go buy all the popsicles within a 10 mile radius knowing  how BIG this will be when it gets out…and  it will! I will not be left behind in the ravages of the popsicle shortage that is sure to ensue.

Here’s what you need:

1 bottle of prosecco.

Any flavor popsicles you like!

Pour the chilled prosecco in the glass and add the popsicle. Once it begins to melt you will have fruity flavored amazingness!