I am the queen of unconventional, and that is exactly how I feel about food and cooking. I consider food to be art, and in my kitchen… no rules apply. When Monday night dinner rolls around, it’s only natural all you want to do is either grab some takeout or have cereal. You probably say to yourself “The Monday blues are enough to deal with, so who needs a dirty kitchen?” I say buck up and make some art!

Here’s a few tips on how to perk up your weeknight dinners:

1. Get creative on plating: I chose to use some old frames I had lying around the house and used them instead of plates! Of course I did clean them before serving!

2. Layers and colors: You’ve heard it a million times, but the truth is you do eat with your eyes first. Use fresh chopped herbs as garnishes, add spinach to a pancake to give it that bright green color, make vibrant sauces such as a cranberry and red wine reduction to pour over your sliced steak*!

3. The novelty effect: Take a boring glass of juice and get creative! Drill a hole into a fresh young coconut and pour in a dash of orange juice to brighten it up! Serve it with a straw and you might as well be sitting on the beach in Mexico!

* I decided to marinate my filet mignon in orange soda pop before cooking it. It turned out awesome. Most people would throw darts at me, but this is how I roll!