You know what is so fun about books? They make everything beautiful.

This could be a table from a garage sale for all I know, but books make it look sophisticated and sexy. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to fill your side table like this with gorgeous and classic books, and then take a staycation away from everyone? Lock your door, snuggle up with a cup of tea/glass of wine, and eat pasta out of a box whilst listening to classical music or Jay Z… your call.
Ohhh, one last trick. Treat yourself to great french bon bons…you’ll never in your life eat a bon bon in bed unless you do it like this. At the end of the night, take a photo of your room with books askew, a half drunk bottle of wine, an empty box from your favorite takeout place, and one last piece of candy. Keep that picture… it will remind you that YOU are your best company.