Summer is gone.  Typical Summer…getting us all hot and bothered and then leaving with out the decency to hand us back the receipt for that expensive designer scarf we just had to have…Well guess what you bad boy season…I am going out on a date with Fall and I am going to upcycle that ridiculously expensive scarf. I win.


1.     Place the scarf that you still can’t afford but now own flat on the ground.

2.     Fold that sucker in half and when the two corners meet whisper ‘say Ello to each other…your twins’ I kid I kid…but seriously do it.

3.     Start to knot the scarf from the first corner.

4.     When you get halfway through switch the direction of the knot (instead of going under to tie the knot go over).

5.     If you want to get fancy with me attach a magnet snap to each side or you can ‘keep it real’ and just tie the edges together to secure.