How cool would it be if this was the image that was ingrained in our head a million times a day as sexy. What if every mother took this picture of herself. Let’s bring back the read-a-thon…you remember it, don’t you?

They would let you wear your pjs to school and bring a sleeping bag, and you would camp out in the library for the day. You could do it now, as a grownup, with any group of friends or your family.
Here is how I would set it up:
1. Ask everyone to bring their sleeping bags, pillows, and reading material.
2. Throw every soft thing you own into your largest room (pillows, blankets, bean bag chairs, the bear from the Charmin commercial).
3. Give each person a ‘mini bar’. A little cooler filled with snacks, drinks, etc.
4. Turn on the fireplace if it’s cold, or just light some candles on a tray for the same effect if it’s too warm for a fireplace fantasy.
5. Snuggle with the people you love… without having to say a word.
P.S. This is the best surprise ever to do for your kids on a random night when they are just expecting regular old dinner at the table. They will never forget it.