Anyone who has ever met me, been to an event I’ve thrown, visited this website, and/or overheard me in, well, anywhere, knows that I like to do it up.  This year, the holidays are no exception to that rule. In fact, this year I am using the holidays to set the bar for creativity in 2013 – watch out world!

On that note, here are three holiday DIYs that’ll really up the do it up factor in your home this holiday season.

“The Brookie P Hot Chocolate Bar” or “Chocl-ART-Bar”.  Here’s what I did, I centered my hot cocoa bar around a huge apothecary jar filled with chocolate chips  anchored it to the bar using rope lights.  I set up the hot cocoa accoutrements – including mini marshmallows, candy canes, strawberry syrup, peppermint powder – and garnished it with some ornaments and LED lights at all different heights.

For the actual bar, I did what kids these days call keeping it real, that’s right, those are chocolate chips I used to decorate the top right panel of the bar!  For the remaining two panels I used  duct tape and gold string in a pattern.

This year, I found these great shatterproof ornaments at Sam’s Club that come in packs of 100 and scooped them right up.  It’s funny, but because these ornaments are shatterproof, I actually had quite a few left over this year due to their durability.  So what do you do with your leftovers?  Make an art installation, of course!

Last but not least, firewood!  I love me some firewood – I love it in the fire, piled next to the fire and these days I love it standing upright in a vase!  For some added holiday cheer I went ahead and added some ornaments and LED lights.

So there you have it, holidays done up!  

Disclosure: I am a paid endorser for Sam’s Club.