With Thanksgiving safely behind us, the holiday season has officially kicked into high gear. To me, nothing fills a home more with holiday spirit than a beautifully decorated tree.  I believe that a tree at holiday time can be as unique as the home it is brightening, no matter if you’re putting up a Christmas tree, Chanukah bush, or if you’re just looking to add some non-denominational cheer.  This year, I am trying out a few different looks… because, why not?  I love the different effects you can achieve by simply changing out a couple bulbs and some mesh, adding some personalized touches, or trying something completely different.

This year, December is an incredibly busy work month for me. So, because I’ll be in and out of town, I’ve opted for an artificial tree… and I am impressed!   This bad boy takes maybe 45 seconds to assemble (and includes lights) and then about 6 hours to get over how impressed you are with yourself for your quick assembly – which is my kind of ratio!

Another big, BIG discovery this year was decorative mesh that I found at Sam’s Club.  It comes in quite a few colors and it’ll up your holiday tree decorative skills by about million – it’s incredibly versatile and easy to use.  In fact, you may remember some press I did last month in which I used this very mesh to make chargers for your dining room table along with a chandelier to use with LED tea lights.

First up, the classic gold tree!  For this one I used gold mesh, silver and gold ornaments (more gold than silver), gold ribbon tied in bows and small hanging jars with LED tea lights – these add a subtle balance to your string lights.

Next up, the red tree. To me, this tree can really up the cheer in any household (and let’s face it, it just screams presents)!  I did this with red mesh wrapped around the tree tied together in a big red bow on top, red and gold ornaments, and a little bit of  gold ribbon (1”).

OK, this next tree is what I like to call my fash-tree-nista!  This is a tree you’re not going to see many other places.  First step, pick a color palette, and start spray painting!

Keep going until you have the balance of color that you like.

Amazed yet?!

As if that wasn’t fun enough, we’re now moving on to the decorating!  For my fash-tree-nista I used feathers and ornaments fashioned (literally) out of my favorite fashion ads, jewelry, Christmas wires and a lot of imagination.


And don’t forget to top it off with the your show stopper – I used the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, a printed quote I love, feathers and wire decorations.

And ta-da….a one of a kind tree that will certainly turn people’s heads!

If you’re looking for something a little bit more personalized for your tree this year, try my photo tree!  This is one of my all time favorite ways to celebrate the holidays.  All you do here is purchase some inexpensive frames and some string, gather up your favorite photos and some jars with LED tea lights for depth.  Hang your framed photos at different lengths surrounded by your LED tea lights and viola; you’ve got a holiday tree like no other!

Finally, if you’re feeling a little minimalist this year, check out this tree I made a while back here.  I am not sure we can get away with calling it a holiday tree, but hey, this is a post about trees – and I believe all trees are created equal!

Disclosure: I am a paid endorser for Sam’s Club.