In my house, the holidays are really a time to let it shine and this year, oh boy, are we shining!  I might have gotten a little excited when purchasing my LED holiday string lights this year, so I’ve been re-purposing the extra strands around the house.  Now, as you might have guessed, I’ve come up with a couple of out-of-the-box ideas for what to do with your lights around the house.

First up, the holiday light canvas, this one is so much fun and pretty easy to do.  All you need is a large canvas, a knife or scissors to poke holes in the canvas, and one or two strings of white lights.  Then all you do is poke the lights through in the design of your choice!

This year I did something abstract, but you can do anything from an initial to a Christmas tree outline….

In another part of the house I used a couple of strings of LED’s to build a Christmas tree made of lights on the back of a bookcase that I flipped around for the holidays.

Disclosure: I am a paid endorser for Sam’s Club