I have never believed in that “less is more” crap. More is awesome. More cake? Yes, please! More glitter? Always. More guests? More fun! But I recently received a ‘note’ from one of the creative directors at my firm that said, and I quote, “you are one item away from an episode of hoarders, if hoarders were about the insides of women’s handbags rather than living spaces.” So, I have decided to go into a recovery program for H.H. (Hoarding in Handbag). The first step is admitting that I am powerless over my tendency to assume that a trip to the grocery store may in fact lead to an impromptu vacay to Tibet, so I must pack accordingly. The only hope for me, then, is a clear clutch…

If sunshine is the best disinfectant, then my new little purse is the hand sanitizer to the petri dish I call my ‘bag’. It’s actually shame that makes this cute little clutch break me and my fellow H.H.ers of our dark and dirty ways… because who would allow a half-eaten granola bar and dirty change at the bottom of their bag if it weren’t for the fact that no one can see it?

I need some accountability for the trash can I call a purse, and I can think of no better way than to have to show the contents of my carryall to all.

The Clear Clutch… this will in no way have a follow up article about clear heels…that’s a different website!


Clear pencil box or closed drawer organizer – I got mine from The Container Store, but with back-to-school upon us, you can find this nugget o’ gold at almost any store!

Drawer knob Anthropologie has some beautiful knobs, but so do hardware stores and the mother load of all cheap scores – Goodwill!

Drill – or screwdriver, if you are really committed.


1-Place the part of your pencil box where you want to screw in the knob against a hard surface…if you try to drill or screw it with out resitance from the other side, you will crack the box….learn from my mistakes.

2-Slip the knob into the hole, and on the opposing side place the washer and dryer or whatever the knob’s locking mechanism that it came with…I know some of you might go fancy and have a different attachment mechanism.

3-When everyone asks if it’s by ‘blah blah, insert fancy designer here’ say ‘No, they copied mine!’