I have found myself many a times during my life ‘cleaning by closet’. Oh don’t act like you don’t know what I mean, everyone knows that ‘cleaning by closet’ is the act of throwing everything in the closet and proudly announcing to yourself ‘All Done’! But never have I done this with such fervor as I have in the last 2 years A.R. (After Rome).  But as Summer quickly rolled around I decided the toy closet had become like a garage that was so full of crap the owner of said garage must begin to park on the street and be judged by all his or her neighbors.  As I began what most closely resembled an intro to Hoarders I remembered that this was an especially large closet…and I needed to ensure that closet would not become my ‘relapse’ episode so I decided to turn it into a mini-room – I painted the interior, grabbed a rug and bought me a stick-on-tree from Target which I super glued some tissue flowers onto for giggles. My daughter believes that all of our closets are now in the process of makeovers…check yourself kid.

Closet Mini Room Tips:

  • Paint that puppy
  • Rugs and lights make the whole vibe more believable
  • Less is more in terms of actually storing stuff in your new ‘mini-room’
  • White Frames from Ikea plus family photos blown up obnoxiously large at Kinkos makes people realize that you take this mimi room thing seriously.