Sometimes I AM the problem, but every once in a while, I solve problems!  I had a really fun client this weekend who wanted to throw a little shindig for her hubby’s birthday.  One small tintsy wintsy issue – they had not quite finished their gorgeous new home, and there was a pretty big hole above the dining room table where the light fixture was going to be hung… just not in time for the party.

So I gave them a creative centerpiece that went ALL THE WAY TO THE CEILING! It was my take on a charcuterie plate… just vertical and deconstructed! The shelves are just simple office organizers, and the rest was filled with simple bottles, cheese, figs, grapes, books… basically anything left after I was done styling the main event!

This is the real take away… who saysWho says flowers are the only centerpiece you can use for parties? Who says shelves are only for organizing? Who says a block of cheese is not a piece of art? Well guess what, ‘who‘… I do what I want, and you should, too!