Wednesday has a new theme here on Ms. Brookie P….It’s called Wednesday’s Why-The-Hell-Not Party?

I believe that with a good attitude, any party can easily be put together in 72 hours… especially a Why-The-Hell-Not Party.

In short, these are themed parties that would only have a shot at existing if you were the social director of a fraternity, or if you just said screw it, let’s just do this thing (coincidently, also the theme of 16 and Pregnant). Wait…that might be next weeks Why-The-Hell-Not Party (blue candy that looks like birth control with a little note that says ‘looks like you forgot these’, GED printed on all the napkins, and confining your guests to an area the space of a double wide just to ‘make it real’).  I kid, I kid…or do I?

Here is this Wednesday’s Why The Hell Not Party?

How to throw an ‘Unofficial Office Party’ this weekend:

  • Invitation – See pic above… extra points if you use your own bootie.
  • Guest list – People NOT from your office, you spend all freakin’ week with those people.
  • Food – Gourmet sandwiches done Subway-style… long and not so subtly anti-feminist shape, sheet cake from the grocery store that says ‘You’re all fired’.
The Torpedo Sandwich

Mortadella, capicola, Genoa salami, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, oil & vinegar all wrapped up in freshly baked italian bread!

  • Décor- You need to begin stealing office supplies today in order to gather all of the decorations you’ll need for free (if you have to invite another person from your office to double your swiping capabilities so be it).
  • Drinks- Get a water cooler (you can use the massive water jugs get from the grocery store that have the spout at the bottom).  Fill with drinks of choice (I suggest white wine, red wine, beer, and this:

The Inappropriate Advance-tini:

750 milliliter bottle red wine or rose wine

1 cup brandy

1 cup unsweetened cherry juice

1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

1/2 cup Simple syrup

1/4 cup orange liqueur

2 cups fresh pitted sweet cherries

2 oranges, halved lengthwise and sliced

Mix it all up and chill for 24 hours before serving!

  • Last but not least COSTUMES…ask everyone to come as the person they most dislike at their places of employment…Have name tags at the door and ask them to describe themselves in the following manner: Brooke “no sense of personal space” Peterson.

photos courtesy of Pinterest