It’s funny to make your guests totally stressed out about staining stuff!*

The guest room of most houses tends to be the ‘all the old shit that isn’t good enough for the rest of us to use on a daily basis’ catchall room. If you are fortunate enough to have a guest room, and to have people who actually want to be guests in your house, or if your partner is a snorer and you end up spending almost every night sleeping in the guest room because he refuses to address this problem with his doctor and instead insists that you are making it up (oh yeah, because you know what I like to do is make up stuff that forces me to drag my ass from our nice comfy bed at 2 in the morning into the super cold guest room with the bad mattress and yet-to-be-identified rhythmic banging coming from above), I would like to give you a quick fix to making this room FABULOUS!

Make your guest room ALL WHITE. It seems like a pretty simple concept, but trust me… it works wonders! Here is the simplest way to do it:

  • Do it on a Saturday morning where you can scour a few garage sales for pieces that you need. Head board, side tables, benches, etc.
  • Whiteout all your pieces.  Use a couple different types and methods of painting, depending on what floats your boat. I like to hand paint a few pieces and spray paint a few. If you have a question about what will work best on each piece, ASK the guy/gal at the paint counter when you go to pick up your supplies. It is like asking me what you can do with a box of cake mix… it turns me on.
  • Now it’s time to do your soft goods: sheets, curtains, rugs, etc. Here are my suggestions if you want to blow your own mind on what a budget keepin’ bee-otch you can be:

Sheets – Ross Dress for Less and TJ Maxx

Rugs and Lighting – IKEA

Curtains – Target and IKEA

  • Put it all together! The room below gives you an idea of gorgeous this look can be when done well. Granted, this image this image is from Elle Décor, but it illustrates the way white makes everything feels cohesive.

*I am thinking that my sense of humor might speak to the fact that not a lot of people want to be my weekend guest? Come on…come over…I scotch-guarded everything!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor