Sometimes its just nice to sit with your best friends and play a little game at girls dinner I like to call ‘Oh Hell No’.

Women say yes all the time to things we don’t want to do such as:
  • ‘Can you pick up blah blah’
  • ‘Can you drive here and then here and then here’
  • ‘Can you make 2/3 what a man makes for working the same job’
You get the drift.
At ‘Oh Hell No’ Night  night everyone gets to bitch about the things they wish they could say ‘Oh hell no’ to but can’t!
Here is the kicker…the table votes in order, whoever has the biggest ‘hell no’ that they need to get out there and the first girl (when it’s her turn) to pick up her phone and say ‘oh hell no’ doesn’t have to chip in for dinner!
This works great on date night to…except you have to find another way to ‘reward’ the first person to call their ‘oh hell no’!