I like the Russian people as a whole. They are scrappy group who seem to have weathered that whole communism thing with a good attitude. Happy to be free and all that jazz. There also seems to be something in the frigid water that makes the women 10 feet tall and staves off puberty and the growth of their hips. Seriously, if you look at any magazine more than half the models seem to have names like Olga Kerochenkov. What is it about the good ol’ USSR that makes the ladies who hail from that country more likely to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated than any other country? I don’t know, but this drink is called the Russian, and I am hoping that if I drink enough of them, I might join their tall, leggy, hipless ranks. Ooh, or maybe I could be a Russian Bond girl (or at least be toasted enough to say things like ‘Ver is za Plotonium?’ with a straight face). Za zdarOvye*!

*That’s cheers in Russian… obviously!

The Russian

1 shot Vodka
1 shot pomegranate liqueur
Champagne or sparkling wine