I was recently asked quite simply what cheer means to me this holiday season, and the answer was easy – cheer is being together – but as the holidays quickly approach I am learning that my out-of-town family and friends have taken that statement quite literally. So it seems this year, we will not only BE together, but we’ll be BUNKING together as well!

Now, I’ve had some experience here, so whether you’re housing your in-laws, your college roommate or your aunt who insists on bringing her own boxed wine, if you make your guest room into a hotel room, they’ll stay in there!

So without further adieu, I present to you Hotel Brookie P! Here is all you need to make your guests feel like they’re in a hotel!

First up, hit the store! For this mission, I chose my nearby Sam’s Club because the prices are great and they’ve got everything under one roof.

At said store, I bought the following supplies to stock my guest room:

Books and DVDs to keep my guests busy (and quiet).

DKNY PJ’s for her, Nautica PJ’s for him and some comfy slippers, as a rested guest is a happy guest!

Navy towels and flannel sheets.

Starbucks Gift Pack – get them caffeinated and send them out to explore your city for hours on end.

Godiva gift pack, because everyone loves chocolate.

Bottle of wine… sorry aunt G., we use bottles in this establishment.

Designer throw blankets, see above about rested guests!

Now just throw it all together and viola! You’ve got yourself the best guest room in the city.

Disclosure: I am a paid endorser for Sam’s Club.