Today while cruisin’ (where I drive around aimlessly and listen to tweeny pop music with the windows rolled down looking for trouble) I was saddened to see a lot of the outdoor restaurants in L.A. with no peeps on their patio. Now, where are all the unemployed W.A.M.’S (waiter/actress/ model) going to hang out? I choose not to go quietly into the good night that is autumn. I choose rebellion, and my form of rebellion… a summery cocktail of course!

Guava Cooler

8 oz Vodka

4 oz Guava Juice

2 oz Watermelon juice

½ oz Fresh Lime Juice

Fill a large pitcher with ice. Stir in the vodka, guava juice, watermelon juice, and lime juice. Serve in a well chilled martini glass and garnish with fresh slices of watermelon and lime.